Press Release (PDF)

Lights On Tampa
is a biennial celebration whose mission is to offer free access to artistic excellence. Lights on Tampa a public/private partnership between the City of Tampa, Art Programs Division and the Friends of Tampa Public Art, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization.

“Shedding Light”
is a project commissioned by The City of Tampa for the 2011 Lights on Tampa celebration (www.lightsontampa.org). The project asks Tampa residents to “shed” (release) traditional notions of public spectacle and shed light on their own diverse communities by capturing images of light in their neighborhoods. Select photos and videos will be edited together to appear in the Curtis Hixon park portal, while others will appear in a gallery on this web site.

Juliet Davis (www.julietdavis.com)
is an artist, writer, researcher, and professor at The University of Tampa, seeking to advance theory and practice in areas where interactive media and cultural studies intersect.

Stephanie Tripp (stephanietripp.org)
is a digital media theorist and practitioner who teaches at the University of Tampa. Her work explores technologies of inscription, cultural memory practices, and Derridean hauntology.


Shedding Light (Video for Portal Exhibition)

 Produced by Juliet Davis and Stephanie Tripp
 Edited by D. Stokes Piercy and Stephanie Tripp
Videography by Stephanie Tripp and Juliet Davis
Music composed and performed by Thomas Cohen

 Image credits
John Bell
Thomas Cohen
Juliet Davis
Samuel Febres
Paul Ganichot
Diego Hernandez
Jorden Kieffer
Sherry Genovar-Simons
Marianne Mackey-Smith
Mayor’s Youth Corps
Rob Meronek
Shezena T. Mohammed
Nanette Holland O’Hara
Natalia Radziejewska
Alexandra Salomon
Cassandra Salomon
Gabrielle Salomon
Javier Servigna
Kerry Tankersley
Stephanie Tripp
Marc Vosburgh
Sabine Weissinger
Erin Wheeler
Mairi Yunits

Special thanks to
Robin Nigh, Melissa LeBaron, and the City of Tampa Arts Program
The Mayor’s Youth Corps
Martha Harrison
Rebecca Heimstead
Susan Taylor Lennon
Haig Mardirosian
Guerly Odolphe
Jeff Salomon
Merrie Tankersley
Rachel Yonkunas

Winners of School Competitions

1st Place ($50): Kerry Tankersley, Age 8, Tire Swing
2nd Place ($25): Nicholas Eisman, Age 8, Dock
Runner Up (Exhibition): Nicholas Eisman, Age 8, Sculpture

No Entries

1st Place ($50): Gabrielle Salomon, Age 13, Video: Mortgage Investments
Most Original Overall ($10): Morgan Tankersley, age 11, “The Water Fan and the Moon”

1st Place ($50): Joanna Whiting, 11th Grade, Image 3 (orange)
2nd Place ($25): Kristin Naylor, 11th Grade, Tennis Shoes on Wire
Runner Up (Exhibition): Cherise Clarke, 11th Grade, Traffic

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