Artists’ Statement

First used as a reference to mental illumination in the 15th century, the term “shedding light” entertains two meanings: “to pour light over” and “to let go of light.” By undertaking the work of “shedding light,” we acknowledge our position within the Western “enlightment” tradition and its attendant narratives of progress, including the promotion of community development, tourism, and “the arts.” At the same time we strive to embrace letting go of our urge to shine light on others and instead invite them to shed some light of their own. In an appeal to the Tampa Bay area’s rich and diverse cultural history, “Shedding Light” asks schools, community organizations, and individuals to create still and moving images that shed light on their Tampa—their neighborhoods, pasttimes, vistas, memories, joys, and concerns.  The artists will mix these community contributions with their own video light samplings from around the area. The resulting video will bring a collage of culturally and geographically diverse perspectives on light into a shared public space.

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